Recognizing Juneteenth 2022

June 19, 2022 - The nineteenth day of June, recognized as Juneteenth, is a day of remembrance for the day enslaved African Americans in Texas learned of their freedom, more than two years after the emancipation proclamation was issued. Juneteenth has been designated as a federal holiday and in 2023 will become a Washington state holiday.

This year, classrooms across the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District recognized Juneteenth on either Friday, June 17, or Monday, June 20. 

Below are the ways some of our SBLSD's students, schools and staff are celebrating and recognizing Juneteenth.

Bonney Lake High School 

Bonney Lake High School students on Friday participated in a mini activity in each class period to learn about Juneteenth:

  • 1st period: A brief intro video into "What is Juneteenth"
  • 2nd period- An announcement honoring the holiday
  • 3rd period- Jigsaw reading activity around "what is the significance of this day"
  • 4th period- Video about how Juneteenth is celebrated
  • 5th period- Video of BLHS choir singing "Lift Every Voice and Sing" 

Liberty Ridge Elementary School

Students from Mrs. Hunsicker worked on a class book as a Juneteenth project, while students from Mrs. Parmalee’s class wrote acrostic poems about Juneteenth. 








Victor Falls Elementary

Classrooms shared a Juneteenth slideshow focusing on the story of Opal Lee, who worked for many years to help people understand the importance of Juneteenth.

Mountain View Middle School

MMS held a Juneteenth lesson in advisory on Monday for students to learn the history of the holiday and have a chance to reflect on its significance.

SBLSD Central Administration

The SBLSD Central Administration staff held a “Lunch and Learn” for Juneteenth on Monday, June 20. Staff learned about traditional Juneteenth foods, listened to the words of Opal Lee, who led the effort in making Juneteenth a federally-recognized holiday, and highlighted children’s books about Juneteenth that were placed in our school libraries. 

Here are some resources for families to learn more about Juneteenth: