Bonney Lake Elementary students celebrate successes with first-ever Growth Parade

There’s a lot to be proud of at Bonney Lake Elementary.

On Friday, students paraded around the field at school to an audience of families and community members, holding signs celebrating what they’ve learned in the classroom: 

“I can mentally add and subtract with 20.” 

“I can read 101 words per minute!”

“I can read and understand chapter books and talk about details!” 

The celebration was Bonney Lake Elementary’s first ever Growth Parade, which is meant to recognize the successes of each individual student. 

“We haven't had our students in our classrooms every day until this year and the growth has been so evident and so exciting,” said BLE Principal LeeAnn Alfano. 

Each child was given the opportunity to pick one idea and share it on a poster and decorate that poster, knowing they would share it with families and the community.

“I love that our teachers took the opportunity to ask their students, what do you want to celebrate?” Alfano said. 

For fourth grader Ayessatou, she wanted to share that she was successfully able to meet the fourth grade spelling standard.

“It made me feel kind of proud that all of the staff were very supportive of what the whole school has improved on,” she said.

“It made me feel kind of good letting people know that we made great growth,” added second grader Paisley. She chose to write on her poster about how she made great growth in learning spelling words, as well as kindness and honesty. 

Karen and Brad are the grandparents of three BLE students who came to the Growth Parade to wave homemade signs and cheer on their grandkids, knowing how important it is to stop and celebrate the successes. 

“Kids grow so fast - you can look back by looking at the picture, but you cannot rewind the time, so every moment with grandkids is extremely special, and we have to treasure it,” she said.