Week in Review

Posted by Sarah Gillispie on 5/8/2015

Administrative Updates
Elli Mcdaniel joins Instructional Services as our new Elementary Literacy Program Administrator.  She will play an instrumental role in assisting teachers and staff implement CCSS in ELA in conjunction with the implementation of the district literacy adoption.  Welcome Elli!

Tyler Steiner will continue as ELL Director and assume all responsibilities of Student Services effective July 1.  Tyler is a resource for schools as it relates to any student discipline issues.
Steve Fulkerson will be a .5 Principal at both Daffodil Valley and Maple Lawn Elementary effective July 1.  An announcement has been made to DVE staff and families.  MLE staff and families will be notified next week. 
Convocation 2015
Jon Gordon, author of the book “Positive Dog,” will be the guest speaker at Convocation this year.  This book is a recommended read for all of Leadership and is available online through your favorite bookstore. 
Facilities Committee Update
The Facilities Committee update was well received at the last Board Meeting.  District activities will begin educating the public about regional district needs in conjunction with obtaining initial feedback.  Informational Open Houses will be scheduled for the first week in June.  More info to come.
Meeting Invites
Leadership Team members will begin to see meeting invites for events occurring in the 2015-16 School Year.  It is important to click YES on the invite so that the meeting is displayed on your personal google calendar. This method of communication will replace the list-o-meetings and allow information about an event and changes to be sent directly through the event on their calendars. Bailey, Sharon, and Sandy can provide a quick google calendar lesson if needed.
Possible SEA Walkout (Confidential)
Teachers will be voting to participate in a walkout sponsored by the Washington Education Association (WEA) on Monday after school.  One-day walkouts are occurring in other districts across the state.  The walkout is intended to bring attention to the legislature's special session activities and is not a protest against District activities.  We will keep you posted.