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State recognizes Emerald Hills and Maple Lawn elementary schools for student growth and support

Congratulations to Emerald Hills and Maple Lawn elementary schools for being recognized from the Washington State Board of Education for their outstanding effort and positive impact on students for the 2018-19 school year. 


They represent two out of 391 schools across the state being celebrated in their work for closing opportunity gaps for specific students groups, showing academic growth from one year to the next or demonstrating high achievement. 


Emerald Hills Elementary is being recognized for high achievement in English language arts and math. Maple Lawn Elementary is being recognized for demonstrating growth and supporting students who qualify for the free and reduced price lunch program, students identifying with two or more races, and students identifying as white. 


A strategy both schools used to achieve academic growth is to incorporate tiered instructional strategies, in which teachers offer different levels of difficulty based on different student instructional needs. 

To learn more about why schools were recognized, and to see the data behind the recognition, visit


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