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BLHS art students earn ribbons

image of art Congratulations to BLHS Advanced Drawing and Painting students who earned 17 ribbons at the Washington State Fair’s Senior High Art Show, a competition among hundreds of students throughout the Pacific Northwest.


2nd Place, Korum Family Arts Scholarship Competition:

Adaline McCormick (2019 grad) for her watercolor painting, "Autumn Waters." Adaline will receive a $1,500 scholarship toward her first year at PLU. *


Best in Show Ribbons:

Pen and Ink Medium: Cameron Bryant (2019 grad), "A Whole Other World"

Graphite Medium: Brynn Feroy (2019 grad), "Sonder" *

Charcoal Medium: Skylar Gallucci (grade 11), "The Fox and the Hound"


1st Place Blue Ribbons:

Zoe Asquith (2019 grad), "Free-Flowing Mind" *

Cameron Bryant (2019 grad) graduated, "A Whole Other World"

Hannah Davis (grade 12), "Lucas" *

Brynn Feroy (2019 grad) "Sonder" *

Skylar Gallucci (grade 11), "The Fox and the Hound"

Adaline McCormick (2019 grad) "Lepidoptera"


2nd Place Red Ribbons:

Olivia Beringer (grade 12) "Virago" *

Murielle Budnich (grade 11), "Two Hands, One Love"

Aaron Kintner (grade 12) "A Happy Place"

Taylor Swensen (grade 11) "Butterflies"

Madison Witt (2019 grad), "Winged Chief"


3rd Place White Ribbons:

Kady Chapman (2019 grad), "By the Sea"


Honorable Mention Yellow Ribbons:

Amaya Udager (2019 grad) "The Digital Identity"


* These pieces of art are on display in the Superintendent's Office as part of a monthly rotating student art exhibit.


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