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District addresses bus safety

We’re very much aware of the issues raised around the safety of students with special needs on our buses. We absolutely regret any time a student is injured while in our care, and we take swift and appropriate action to help prevent such unfortunate incidents. We will continue to work with individual students and families to address and resolve issues.

Districtwide, our 75 bus drivers safely transport about 4,000 students to and from school every day. We provide additional training for bus drivers working with students with special needs who have a wide range of abilities, needs and specialized safety plans.

With safety a paramount priority throughout our District, we do everything possible within our means to ensure the safety of all students. This includes the ongoing review of policies, procedures, and training.

Additionally, the District has now formed a Safety Advisory Council that will immediately begin identifying ways to address student safety on buses. For the remainder of this school year, a safety officer has been designated to address additional support or supervision on any particular bus route.

Due to confidentiality laws regarding student privacy and discipline, the district is unable to give details about student situations. Washington state laws and regulations govern the District’s discipline process and procedures.