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Elementary school supplies

In order to provide some relief from back-to-school shopping, most elementary schools* are asking families to contribute a $25 donation per child to cover the cost of school supplies. Families will be able to pay the donation in August by logging into Skyward Family Access.

Direct payment link:

All students should be prepared for school with a backpack, refillable water bottle and lunchbox.

*Liberty Ridge Elementary: School supplies for students attending Liberty Ridge have already been purchased by the school’s PTO. Students will receive their supplies on the first day of school.



  1. Log on to SBLSD at (not Family Access)

  2. Hover over SCHOOLS on the top banner

  3. Click on grades K-12

  4. Scroll down to elementary schools and click on your school

  5. Click on the dollar bill icon “Online Payments”

  6. Click on the link “Direct payment Link Here”

  7. Log in with your username and password (same as Family Access). 

  8. Click on your student that you would like to make a payment for

  9. Click on “Shop”

  10. Click on “Items at Student School”

  11. Click on item you would like to pay

  12. “School Supplies” “Grade Level” “Donation”

If you are able to contribute more than $25 to support a child in need, please feel free to increase your donation. (If you are unable to make the full donation, you may select a lesser amount.)