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District invests in indoor air quality

The District is committed to supporting students and staff by prioritizing indoor air quality. Every building meets or exceeds health department air quality standards.

Here are ways SBLSD has invested in its heating, ventilation air conditioning systems districtwide:

  • Provided ongoing maintenance of HVAC systems on an annual basis, repairing and replacing failing parts or, in some cases, refurbishing an entire system.

  • Adapted ventilation procedures for every school to maximize outside air and institute building flushes in accordance with national and state guidance.

  • Increased filtration where feasible as a COVID mitigation measure, in accordance with national and state guidance.

  • Performed checks of our HVAC systems controls through ongoing commissioning to ensure equipment is operating as designed and any potential equipment issues are identified before impacting the learning environment.*

View the District’s 2021-22 Cleaning/Disinfecting and Ventilation Plan, developed to enhance cleaning protocols to align with public health guidance.

*Paid using ESSER Funds