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Message from our PTA

Donald Eismann Elementary has a wonderful partner in our DEE PTA. They are always there to support our students and staff. They have some messages to pass along to our families.


Sadly PTA is not going to be able to complete the Original Works art fundraiser as planned. They are hoping to use the artwork your students completed in an upcoming fundraiser next year. If you submitted an order with payment your monies and artwork have been mailed back to you.

Although PTA is unable to receive and submit paper orders for the Original Works Program, the team at Original Works has set up an alternative Online Ordering Option for our school. For more information, please contact Amy Sachwitz at



Our PTA has created t-shirts to show our spirit in these trying times. For more information, contact your teacher or the PTA.



Every year the National PTA sponsors an art competition called “Reflections.” This year, our students submitted 23 artworks. Eleven of those were chosen to continue to the state level competition and one was a state winner! Congratulations to all of our participants:

School level:

Gisella R.         2nd grade    Visual Arts

Kinsley M.        1st grade     Visual Arts

Emily K.            1st grade     Visual Arts & Photography

Grant P.            1st grade     Visual Arts

Alison R.            Kindergarten     Visual Arts

Olivia I.              5th grade     Visual Arts

Abbie S.            4th grade     Visual Arts

Finleigh B.         Kindergarten     Visual Arts

Celeste B.         1st grade     Visual Arts

Liam H.             2nd grade     Photography

Peyton B.          5th grade     Photography

State level:

Emily S.         2nd grade     Visual Arts

Taryn C.         5th grade     Visual Arts

Brenner.         3rd grade     Visual Arts

Alivia R.         3rd grade     Visual Arts

Ella L.            4th grade     Visual Arts

Maya R.         5th grade     Visual Arts

Kaylen K.       2nd grade     Photography

Mira B.           4th grade     Photography

Isabella T.      3rd grade     Literature

Maya R.         5th grade     Literature

State Winner:

Anna K        Kindergarten   Musical Composition



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