Cooperating Teachers

  • The responsibility of the cooperating teacher/mentor is to provide a meaningful experience that enhances the student’s career development.


    Principals and the district placement coordinator work collaboratively to select placements for each students. Cooperating teachers must meet the following criteria:

    • At least three years teaching experience
    • Good standing with the district
    • Exhibits a command of effective instruction (including assessment, differentiation, lesson planning, curriculum development)
    • Explicit about what they are doing as an instructor and why they are doing it
    • Ability to scaffold experiences for the student teacher/intern so that they can learn to be independent
    • Willing and able to engage collaboratively with the student teacher in a cycle of observation and feedback
    • Continual learner and is willing to learn from student teacher/intern
    • Strong communication skills (candid, gives explicit reasons, able to develop trust, able to give and receive feedback)
    • Knowledgeable of adult learning



    • Create a supportive atmosphere with the student teacher/intern that will result in that student’s success as an educator
    • Engage collaboratively with the student teacher in a cycle of observation and feedback
    • Help the student teacher/intern plan daily lessons
    • Plan and conduct conferences with the student teacher/intern on a regular basis with a focus on developing their professional practice
    • Serve as a teaching model for the student teacher/intern by: Utilizing currently valued teaching materials and techniques; Demonstrating the planning and teaching necessary and the teaching methods involved in accommodating individual learning differences; Specifying and measuring behavioral change in students as a basis for evaluating teaching performance
    • Provide opportunity for student teacher/intern to meet and/or observe other teachers at the school site
    • Provide co-teaching opportunity throughout entire placement
    • Rate the student teacher/intern’s progress in specific areas and write timely evaluative comments, as requested by the university program
    • Provide feedback for the district for consideration when student teachers apply for teaching positions in the district


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