Cooperating Universities

  • University placement coordinators are responsible for preparing students for observations and field experiences with clear objectives.
    If you are a university and would like to request a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or confirm that your university has an active MOU, please send an email to
    The process to finalize the MOU can take up to six weeks and does not include the time it takes to facilitate the placement. Please plan accordingly for placing students in a timely manner. The District reserves the right to decline a partnership with any Institution.

    Placement requests should be initiated by university placement coordinators. Ultimately, it is the district placement coordinator, with permission of the building administrator, who decides which student teachers and interns will be placed in the school building.

    The deadline for receiving placement requests are as follows:
    • Fall (start dates in August - December) - June 1
    • Winter (start dates in January - March) - November 1
    • Spring - (start dates in April - June) - Feb 1
    For questions please email