Emerald Hills Elementary Replacement



    • Designed to meet the needs of approximately 550 K-5 students
    • Allow for flexible learning spaces throughout the school
    • Meet the needs of specialists 
    • Modern infrastructure
    • Site plan that allows for future location of Early Learning Center on campus





    • Replace oldest, unimproved school in the district
    • Campus design that allows for safe bus and car zones



    SCHEDULE (approximate)

    • Planning/Design: September 2016- May 2017
    • Bidding: TBD
    • Construction: TBD




    Location: 19515 S Tapps Dr E

    Square footage: Approximately 55,000

    Classrooms: 24 classrooms K-5 with classrooms for learning specialists

    Student Capacity: Approximately 550 students

    Budget projection: $28 million

    Estimated Open Date: Winter 2019

    Architect: Erickson-McGovern Architects

    Contractor: TBD