Emerald Hills Elementary Replacement

  • COMPLETED: Emerald Hills Elementary Replacement

    A replacement elementary school, located at 19515 S Tapps Dr E, features 25 K-5 classrooms to serve approximately 550 students. 



    Emerald Hills Elementary Replacement: 

    • Demolition of the old Emerald Hills building is complete, with some asphalt left to move offsite. The District salvaged what could be reused from inside the old building, including lighting, plumbing, locks, technology, furniture and more. 
    • Contractors have been grading the site, installing new sidewalks, a student drop off loop and a right turn approach into the main entry. Families will enjoy a larger area for the drop off and pick up, along with additional parking. 
    • Striping of new lanes on South Tapps Drive and West Tapps Highway is scheduled to begin soon. Crews continue with landscaping for preparation of grass and shrubs to complete the new school frontage. Boring has also begun along West Tapps Highway to begin the process of undergrounding power from two poles.


    New Emerald Hills Elementary Replacement open for instruction and learning

    Our Lakers came back from winter break in the new Emerald Hills Elementary! More than 500 students enjoyed their first day of learning inside the new state-of-the-art school, which was built with STEM education in mind. We thank our voters, who made this 2016 Capital Bond project possible!



    New Emerald Hills Elementary anticipated to open late fall
    While significant progress has been made on the Emerald Hills Elementary Replacement Project, the District anticipates a delay in its completion. Emerald Hills students will begin the 2019-20 school year in the old building.

    The District is working closely with construction contractor Andy Johnson & Co and our design team to determine an official occupancy and open date, which is likely to occur in late fall.

    Approximately 85 percent complete, the new state-of-the-art 55,000 square-foot building has interactive, touchscreen monitors in each classroom, a STEM classroom, classrooms with ample storage, shared learning spaces in each wing, outdoor learning spaces, and other unique features that reflect the Emerald Hills community.

    Final work that requires more time includes completion of the interior trim and system integration (heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and access controls, etc.), and setting up and configuring the District network and classroom interactive technology.


    front entrance to building  multipurpose room looking at stage

    Front entrance to building, Multipurpose room, looking at stage

    STEM room  library

    STEM room, Library

    service yard near Gym and MPR

    Service yard near Gym and MPR

     EHE front  EHE back

     EHE site plan

    EHE floor plan main EHE floor plan upper


    School Board

    EHE Use Extension (11/15/17)

    Project Information

    Location: 19515 S Tapps Dr E
    Square Footage: Approximately 55,000
    Classrooms: 24 classrooms K-5 with classrooms for learning specialists
    Student Capacity: Approximately 550 students
    Funding Source: 2016 Capital Bond Project
    Architect: Erickson McGovern Architects
    Contractor: Andy Johnson & Company, Inc.
    Anticipated Completion: Fall 2019