New Early Learning Center and Sumner Middle School Track & Field Upgrades

  • New Early Learning Center 

    The New Early Learning Center will be a state-of-the-art learning environment specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the district’s youngest students who live in the Sumner valley. The 35,000-square-foot building will provide approximately 250 preschool and kindergarten students with classrooms, shared learning spaces and playgrounds that support relationship building, brain development and health and safety.

    • Designed to support relationships and brain development with shared small-group rooms and interior play courts, encouraging imagination, group activity, creative play and active learning.
    • Health and safety features, such as keyless entry, site lighting and large windows.
    • Connection to the outdoors with child-sized nooks and viewing portals in hallways.
    • Environmental sustainability elements, such as natural light, use of durable and maintainable building materials and low impact/low maintenance landscaping.


    • Long-term solution to providing an adequate number of classrooms to support enrollment in the Sumner valley within the Daffodil Valley and Maple Lawn elementary schools catchment areas and the New Early Learning Center.
    • Campus setting provides for the efficient and cost effective use of resources and provides for educational opportunities across age groups and creates a community for our youngest students.
    • Supports the district’s commitment to early learning and development as well as services to support families.
    • Sustainable building principles that generate optimum indoor air quality and allow for energy and water savings.


    SCHEDULE (approximate)
    • Planning/Design:  April 2016–January 2017
    • Construction: April 2017-June 2018
    • Open:  September (August) 2018


    • Location: Behind Sumner Middle School on the southwest portion of the campus
    • Square footage: 35,000
    • Classrooms: Preschool, 4; Kindergarten, 12
    • Student capacity: 250
    • Budget projection: $19.2 million
    • Estimated open date: September 2018
    • Architect: BLRB Architects
    • Contractor: TBD (April/May 2017)
    • Committees (generally comprising community members, parents and staff):

      • Community Facilities Advisory Committee
      • Pre-Bond Early Learning Center Advisory Committee
      • Post-Bond Early Learning Center Advisory Committee
    • Community input opportunities:

      • Open House: June 28, 2016
      • Open House: April 20, 2016
      • School Board Meetings (audience comments): Monthly
    • Communication activities:

      • Website, newsletters, email, fliers, brochures, mailings, social media, reader boards, news media articles, community meetings (June 2015-ongoing)


    Ed Spec/Design Committee Meeting Dates & Minutes


    Ed Spec/Design Committee Members
    • Instructional Services Administrators - Laurie Dent, Beth Dykman, Laurie Sjolund
    • Elementary Principals - Kay Gallo (CWE Principal), Martina Scheerer (VFE Assistant Principal)
    • Teachers- Bobbi Marcy (Kindergarten teacher at DVE), Karen Weingartner (Kindergarten teacher at MLE), Christen Robinson (Special Ed Preschool teacher at LRE), Kimberly Clinton-Schmidt (ECEAP)
    • Preschool teacher at DVE), Julie Hunt (Preschool Specialist at District Office), Braenn Czerwinski (Kindergarten teacher at DVE)
    • Childcare - Pam Stoner (District Preschool Director)
    • Parents - Esperanza Hansen, Kirk Hardtke, Rachel Collins, Angela Osburn, Lisa Bjorkman, Ellen Schulz, Janina Haraguchi, Sarah Jaquez
    • District Administrators - Debbie Campbell (Business Services), Steve Sjolund (Operations), Mark Baumgarten (Facilities), Marina Tanay (Maintenance & Operations), Marc Brouilett (Human Resources),
    • Jenny Williams (SMS Principal)
    • SSD Board Member - Erin Markquart


    Sumner Middle School Track & Field Upgrades

    New features of the Sumner Middle School track and field include artificial turf on the football field with a synthetic track and lighting, which provide:

    • All-weather play surfaces
    • Year-round access to the track and football field
    • Use by youth sport leagues and community groups
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    SCHEDULE (approximate)
    • Planning/Design: June 2016-January 2017
    • Construction: Summer 2017 or Summer 2018
    • Open:  September 2017 or September 2018
    • Budget projection: $3.3 million (approximate)
    • Architect: BLRB Architects
    • Contractor: TBD (April/May 2017)



    Steve Sjolund, Executive Director, Educational Support Services
    (253) 891-6084