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Mandated Health Screenings



Students must be able to see clearly and hear sharply in order to learn.

Therefore, Washington state requires all students in Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 5, & 7 have their vision and hearing screening annually. 

These non-invasive screenings are conducted annually by the health services department with the goal of minimizing disruption to learning.

Students are screened while wearing corrective lenses or contact lenses if they have them. We use a Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener to screen visual acuity, risk factors for amblyopia, astigmatism, as well as other potential vision problems. This screening takes just a few seconds and is completely touch free. Students are screened in a seated position and regardless of the results, they will not be singled out from their peers.

Students who do not pass vision screening are referred for an evaluation by a vision care provider. A list of local vision care providers who accept Medicaid can be found here.

Students who do not pass their initial hearing screening are rescreened at least 2 weeks after their initial screening to account for potential hearing problems caused by colds or ear infections. Only after a student has been screened and not passed at least twice will they be referred for a hearing evaluation.

Parents/guardians may decline any mandated health screening for their child. Please communicate this information to the building administrator and school health room staff.

References: WAC 246-760-020, WAC 246-760-080