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NOTE: New requirements are in effect for students in preschool or kindergarten who are four years old or older on Sept. 1.

Students must be in compliance with the state immunization requirements (Spanish | Russian | Ukrainian) for their age prior to the first day of attendance.

If you are enrolling during summer, medical records documenting immunization will not be reviewed until staff return from summer break. Parents are responsible for ensuring immunizations are up-to-date prior to registration. Please note, immunization documented from a previous school district are not medical records.

A child may meet the state requirements to attend school by verifying immunization status in one of three ways:

  1. Complete Immunization Status (CIS): Students have a printed complete CIS, or medically-verified documentation of immunization status. Vaccine Records Accepted by Schools: English | Spanish 
  2. Conditional Immunization Status: Students have received at least the first catch-up dose for all vaccine doses they are eligible to receive. They can enter school while waiting for the next dose. Documentation must be provided by established deadlines as conditional status expires when the next dose is due. 
  3. A Certificate of Exemption: There are four types of exemptions: medical, personal/philosophical, religious, and religious membership. 

Learn more about Washington State School and Childcare Immunization Requirements.

References: Immunization Law and Rules, SBLSD Regulations & Procedures No. 3413P











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