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    Welcome to the official webpage for the Sumner chapter of the National Honor Society.   



    There are 2 meetings each month occurring on the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 2:30 in the Band Room.  Members are allowed 5 absences for the year from these meetings.  If you have a sporting event, fill out the Sports Absence Form and return to Mrs. Holmstrom.  
    Link here to view the current attendance log.




    Community Service

    Members are required to complete 20 hours of community service.  15 of those hours need to be “in-hours” which are defined as attending a high school event with 5 or more honor society members present.  An example of this would be the Community Dinner.  Members are also required to serve 5 hours of community service outside of school events.  These are defined as “out-hours.”  An example of this would be helping out at a local food bank.   No more than 7.5 hours can be counted towards one event.
    When serving at an in-hour event, be sure to sign-in to receive credit for your hours.  When serving at an out-hour event, submit the Out-Hour Form and return to Mrs. Holmstrom.
    New Members joining in the Spring are only required to complete 5 hours of any type of community service.

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