Health Services

  • Health roomWhat do health room staff do?

    So much more than “ice, lice, and band-aids!”

    We work to manage complex, chronic medical conditions, promote healthy behaviors, and reduce health disparities. This may include:

    • Immediate and temporary care of students who become ill or injured
    • Medication administration
    • Medical procedures (clean intermittent catheterization, G-tube feeding)
    • Health referrals
    • Hearing and vision screening
    • Management of health and immunization records

    Please contact the school health room staff when:

    • A communicable disease/concern occurs
    • A change occurs in your child’s health or when a medication must be taken at school
    • Your child’s attendance starts to change
    • You want information about health care services in the community
    • You need assistance obtaining dental or vision care for your child
    • You need assistance obtaining a referral to a health care provider
    • A health problem might be a community health issue

good to know: