Remind 101

  • Want to get text messages sent to you reminding you of important events and timelines relevant to you?

    If Yes, find the grade level you want to get text reminders in the chart below, find the number indicated, and from your phone send a text to this number with the corresponding message for your grade level. It only takes a few seconds and you will be set to get text message reminders!

    Note: You will not be able to reply to these text messages (it is a one-way info method), but you will be able to cancel the reminders if you choose to.

     Grade  Number  Message
     9th Grade - Class of 2023 81010  @sumner2023
     10th Grade - Class of 2022 81010  @sumner2022
     11th Grade - Class of 2021 81010  @sumner2021
     12th Grade - Class of 2020 81010  @sumner2020
    Class of 2020 Running Start Students:  Send this text message: @rsco20 to 81010
    Class of 2021 Running Start Students:  Send this text message @rsco21 to 81010