Facility Use and Scheduling

  • School facilities are provided by taxpayers of the district for the primary purpose of meeting the educational needs of students. School activities shall have first priority for facility use. When school facilities are not in use for school programs, they may be made available at reasonable times and reasonable rates to recognized community organizations whose activities are of general interest to the community and whose use of the school facility is for a community purpose. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, educational, cultural, political and recreational activities generally open to the public at large.


    Requests for the use of District facilities shall be made to the Sumner District Athletics & Facilities Scheduling Office using the following schedule of deadlines for application submittal:
    Dates (Approximate)
    Recreation Department
    Outside Groups
    1st Semester
    September 1 - January 31
    September 15
    September 20
    September 30
    2nd Semester
    February 1 - August 31
    February 1
    February 7
    February 15
    Late applications will be honored on a space available basis using the categorical priorities established in District policy.

    Facility space will be available on a fair and equitable basis and shall be scheduled according to the established quarterly schedule/timeline. Priority shall be established according to the rules, regulations, procedures and conditions for Sumner School District #320 pool and facility use.



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