• Childfind Is…

    the process of conducting specific activities for the purpose of locating, evaluating and identifying students with suspected disabilities and who reside within the district’s boundaries.

    If your child is a preschooler:
    and you have concerns about your child’s development from ages 3 to 5, Sumner-Bonney Lake School District offers screening to provide information on school-related development. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of this free service. We will assess your child’s Cognitive, Communication, Fine/Gross Motor, Self Help, and Social/Emotional skills & development. Following the screening process, a determination will be made regarding whether your child should be further evaluated for special education services. If you, or someone you know, suspects a child of having a disability, please schedule a screening appointment. Click on This Link for more information on scheduling a Childfind Screening, or call 1.253.891.6037. If you are not sure whether to schedule a screening, consider the lists below.

    Can your child do these things?

    By Age Three By Age Four By Age Five
    • Run without falling
    • Walk up & down stairs
    • Match Objects
    • Drink from a cup
    • Undress
    • Follow simple directions (e.g., “Hang your coat.”)
    • Name simple body parts
    • Put two words together (e.g., “More juice.”
    • Ride a tricycle
    • Throw a ball at something
    • Copy a circle
    • Give first and last name
    • Put three or four words together
    • Play with other children
    • Assemble 7 piece puzzle
    • Hop on one foot
    • Walk backwards
    • Copy a square
    • Pair things that go together
    • Share/Take turns
    • Follow three-step directions
    • Put more than four words together


    If you note that a child is not able to perform some of these actions by the applicable age, it could indicate that the child is a candidate for screening.
    We will assess your child’s Cognitive, Communication, Fine/Gross Motor, Self Help, and Social/Emotional skills & development.

    For information on services available to children under 3 years of age - Visit the Pierce County Birth to Three Website

    Or call them directly at 1.253.874.5445

    For information on Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) or Head Start - Visit the WA State Dept. of Early Learning Website 

    For children that become 5 years of age between June 25th and August 31st of the current year, please contact the school they are attending in the fall and speak with the School Psychologist about your concerns. Click Here For a list of Sumner School District Elementary Schools

    If you aren’t sure whether you live within our District’s boundaries, or what school to contact for children entering Kindergarten, Click Here! Or call Transportation at 253.891.6400. For those experiencing a temporary housing situation, please read this announcement.

    Click Here For Information on Childcare & General Education Preschool Programs With Sumner-Bonney Lake SD
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