Panther Power: Values for Success

  • BLHS GraduatesGrounded in our common beliefs, the following core values shape our school:
    Perseverance: Persistence in action even when faced with discouragement and obstacles to accomplish your purpose. Never give up - Keep going!
    Ownership: Our choices! Our school! Our future! Being accountable for my/our actions and the results they bring at all times.
    Work Ethic: Sustained internal drive to perform at your personal best. Just get it done! Going beyond basic requirements to reach the highest quality possible.
    Engagement: Be here! All in! Have fun! Complete involvement, commitment, and immersion with the task at hand. Brain on!
    Respect: To see value, worth and appreciation in self and others even if ideas and beliefs are different. Treat people the way you want to be treated and show regard for the property of others.

Panther Power: Guidelines for Success

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