February 13, 2024 Election

  • Sumner-Bonney Lake School District to place replacement levies for Educational Programs, Operations & Maintenance, Technology & Security Upgrades on February ballot

    On Oct. 18, the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District Board of Directors unanimously approved two replacement measures of levies due to expire in 2024. The measures fund teachers, staff, educational programs, day-to-day operations, health, safety and security, and maintenance of all schools, not funded by the state of Washington. Proposition 1: Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy and Proposition 2: Replacement Levy for Instructional Technology Improvements and Security Upgrades.

    The Sumner Bonney Lake school district is committed to providing every child, regardless of background, with a quality education with the opportunity to graduate, ready to pursue a promising future. Replacements of these two levies support all students in every local school. They are not a new tax, but are replacement levies for the two expiring levies in 2024 previously approved by voters.

    Please contact communications@sumnersd.org with any questions you may have.


    Replacements of two expiring levies to support EVERY student

Proposition 1

  • Replacement Educational Programs & Operations Levy


    This levy funds 16 percent of day-to-day operations in all 16 Sumner-Bonney Lake schools that are not covered by the state.

    Teachers, books and basics

    • Additional teachers, nurses, counselors, mental health supports, librarians, paraeducators, safety officers, and special education staff, equaling about 216 staff members

    • Up-to-date textbooks and instructional materials including math and reading

    Health, Safety and Security 

    • Maintenance of school plumbing, heating and ventilation systems for clean air and safe water

    • Maintenance to aging or deteriorating roofs and earthquake safety 

    • Maintenance of schools, playgrounds and athletics facilities to meet safety standards

    • Improvements to school safety and security, maintenance of fire alarm and sprinkler systems and emergency preparedness

    Education Programs for All Students

    • Special needs programs for students, and improved accessibility for students and staff with disabilities

    • K-12 educational programs, including those to bring students up to grade level reading and math, advanced classes for high-achieving students and college entrance exams

    • Arts, music, athletics, extracurricular activities, career and technical education programs

    Para working with students

Proposition 2

  • Replacement Levy for Instructional Technology Improvements & Security Upgrades


    This levy provides technology access, improvements, and security upgrades for all K-12 teachers, staff and students.

    Access to Technology 

    • Expanded classroom technology improvements at all elementary, middle and high schools

    • Access and computers for all K-12 students and staff to use at school, and staff and secondary students at home

    • Staff training and up-to-date software and online learning tools for students and teachers

    Up-to-date Tools for Teaching and Learning

    • Replaces outdated classroom computers for teachers and students

    • Supports technical training of computer systems for teachers and students

    • Maintains licenses and internet access for students and teachers, and expands wireless network

    • Upgrades high-speed internet access and other IT system improvements

    Safety, Security & Privacy Protections

    • Increases cybersecurity privacy protection for students, teachers and staff

    • Maintains security cameras, school access control, video and audio security entrances at buildings, intercom and phone systems for all-school alerts and emergency notification


    Teacher using smart boards in class

Cost of Propositions 1 and 2

  • Students performing in play Propositions 1 and 2 are not new taxes, but are replacement levies of measures that expire in 2024 and cover the basic day-to-day operations, educational programs, maintenance, instructional technology and security needs for every K-12 school. 

    Average monthly/annual costs*

    If Proposition 1 passes, the 4-year replacement levy would raise $43.7 million annually and cost the average Sumner-Bonney Lake homeowner $11.31 more per month ($136 annually) for Educational Programs and Operations not covered by the state of Washington. The levy rate would be between $2.48 and $2.50 per $1,000 of assessed value.

    If Proposition 2 passes, the 6-year replacement levy would raise $6.5 million annually and cost the average Sumner-Bonney Lake homeowner $1.26 more per month ($15.08 annually) for Instructional Technology Improvements and Security Upgrades not covered by the state of Washington. The levy rate would be $0.37 per $1,000 of assessed value.

    *The average home value in four years is $591,901. The average home value in six years is $613,682.

    Find more information at www.sumnersd.org/vote.