Safety Advisory Committee

  • safety council meeting

    The Sumner-Bonney Lake School District takes great pride in providing physically- and emotionally-safe learning environments every day, for every student. From the moment a student steps onto the school bus and until they return home, various measures and practices are in place to help ensure student safety.

    As part of our ongoing commitment to safety and security, the District formed a Safety Advisory Committee in spring 2019 to review safety issues, strategies, policies and procedures, and make recommendations as appropriate to increase the effectiveness of addressing student safety. Among the committee’s priorities will be to identify ways to increase bus safety and enhance partnerships with law enforcement.
    The Safety Advisory Committee comprises representatives from district staff, students and families, community members, and first responders. The first committee meeting was held March 11, 2019.
    Committee Goals
    • Review safety programs, strategies, and make recommendations as appropriate to increase effectiveness of addressing all aspects (physical, as well as social-emotional) school safety.
    • Examine safety and security issues related to the school's systems' facilities and make recommendations as appropriate.
    • Explore ways to involve the communities in promoting and maintaining school safety. 
    • Assist with training recommendations as necessary to meet the state, county and school district mandated requirements.
    • Regularly review the emergency preparedness of the school system.
    Committee Members

    Kurt Alfano

    Adam Balcom   

    Ryan Boyle         

    Heather Brickell

    Cheyenne Collier

    Cheryl Collins   

    Laurie Dent

    Jeff Engle


    Justin Evans

    Shaun Feero

    Daryl Flood      

    Bill Gaines

    Todd Green

    Jeff Grice

    Laura Hardtke   

    Debra Hefford  

    Norris Johnson


    Maleah Karch   

    Jennifer Knight

    Carol Linthicum 

    Melissa Long

    Elli McDaniel

    Candace Nicholson

    Cheryl Polasek 

    Ashlee Rassat

    John Sander


    Sadie Schaneman

    Brian Scheerer

    Christina Sherman

    Melissa Souza-Agbayani                

    Patricia Tamisiea

    Marina Tanay                    

    Johanna Tatarian              

    Tara Wilson

    David Zahnow