• The SHS Project Review Task Force is not currently active. These pages are for archiving purposes.


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    Sumner High School Project Review Task Force Members Selected

    The Sumner-Bonney Lake School District selected 20 members to serve on the newly-formed Sumner High School Project Review Task Force, charged with the review, study, and evaluation of the modernization and expansion of the high school in light of current state and local circumstances, and making a recommendation to the superintendent for direction of the project.

    Lead by Hainline & Associates, Inc., with the assistance of a neutral facilitator, EnviroIssues, the Task Force will meet over the next two months, applying their individual and collective planning, construction, and industry experience and expertise to consider concepts and provide input on development of options and ultimately recommending a path forward for expanding and modernizing Sumner High School given current conditions.


    Task Force Members (bios)

    Adam Chambers

    Tyson Cornett

    Kyle Hardtke

    Karen Harris

    Rick Hendricks

    Pete Hochstatter

    Matthew Kastberg

    Barbara Kiliz

    Kassie Meath

    Scott Nall

    Deb Norris

    Jason Olson

    Tom Osborne

    Dana Powers

    Troy Powers

    Brad Sayre

    Seth Sherwood

    Paul Smith

    Grant Sulham

    Ryan Turley

    Task Force Goal

    Working under the authority of the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District and leadership of Hainline Construction, the goal of the Task Force is to make a recommendation for direction of the modernization and expansion of the Sumner High School campus.

    Task Force Process

    • Hainline will discuss the High School campus features, provide concepts and present to the Task Force various modernization and expansion strategies to guide the Task Force.  
    • The Task Force will provide input, including suggestions for revisions to the concepts.
    • Working iteratively with the Task Force, Hainline will refine concepts and present potential options for the Task Force’s consideration. Hainline and the Task Force will work to identify pros and cons and consider how options meet the goals of the District bond.
    • The Task Force will seek to come to agreement on a path forward to recommend to the superintendent an option for expanding and modernizing Sumner High School.

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