• The business of running our high-performing school district is complex, including funding. The Sumner School District, along with other districts throughout the state, rely on local levies to continue providing the very best education for our students to be successful in career and college, while becoming productive, contributing members of our communities.

    What’s important to note is that despite attempts in the state legislature to fully fund public education, we’re not there yet. Our levies account for about 20 percent of the district’s total revenue.

    The district will have two replacement levies on the February ballot: Educational Programs & Operation (formerly known as M&O) and Instructional Technology Improvements. Passing these levies is the only way to bridge the gap between what the state pays and the actual costs of operating our schools. Please know, these are replacement levies, not new taxes.

    Here’s a summary of how we use levy dollars:

    The Replacement Educational Programs & Operation Levy will help fund:

    • Health, safety and security
    • Operations, maintenance, grounds, utilities
    • Student transportation
    • Teachers, paraeducators, nurses, librarians, counselors, support personnel
    • Instructional materials and supplies
    • Arts, music, theater
    • Extracurricular activities and athletics
    • Special education programs
    • Staff training and development

    The Replacement Instructional Technology Improvements Levy will help fund:

    • Maintenance of 1:1 digital device ratio: Provides every student equitable access to technology with Chromebooks that enhance learning and prepares students for the careers of tomorrow.
    • Technical support and training: Offers best practices in technology integration for teachers to deliver relevant and personalized learning experiences for every student.
    • Secure and reliable operations: Improves and maintains operations, infrastructure, licenses and internet access for students and teachers; expanded wireless network.

    So it’s clear that levy funding directly impacts the success of our district and our ability to graduate 100 percent of students, a goal that our community stands behind and why I’m so grateful for your long-standing support of our schools.  

    I encourage you to visit www.sumnersd.org/levy to learn more about these ballot measures.