New Dashboard!

  • The new staff dashboard is here!

    Well, it's ALMOST here. Our Tech Department is working overtime to make the switch complete. Due to technical glitches outside of our control, the switch is taking a bit longer than anticipated. We very much appreciate your patience as we work diligently to create access to the documents and tools you need. 

    We're aware that staff are being directed and stuck on an "orientation" page. We're working to resolve this as quickly as possible. 


    This means that when you log into you'll see a new login screen.  Use your exisiting password to log in.  

    Months of research, discussion, and development has gone into this and we’re quite pleased with the results.  We hope you are too.  Departments have been hard at work migrating existing dashboard content and adding helpful resources. The dashboard includes regular fresh content on the homepage so that you can stay up to date, easy access to your most-used tools, and interactive elements. You’ve also asked for – and we’ve delivered - a full employee directory. 

    The focus of this dashboard is to put critical information and functionality at your fingertips.  Our primary goal is to reduce the time you spend looking for internal information, and this dashboard reflects that.


    Quick Access Buttons: Jump right into the tools and resources you use the most with a single click.

    Then ...

    Old dashboard



    Now ...

    New dashboard





    Employee Directory: A searchable database of all district employees

    The system pulls defined fields in our employee database system.  We are in the process of fine tuning this, so please be patient if your information isn’t exactly how you’d like it published.


    Interactive Elements: Stay tuned for interactive fun

    We're working on developing real-time, interactive elements for staff to submit kudos, contribute to an electronic brag board and more! 


    A work in progress …

    There’s always room for improvement and potential for so much more.  Please share comments and suggestions for improvement by emailing