Strategic Plan

  • Vision 2020 The Sumner-Bonney Lake School District is in the business of educating students, helping them graduate and guiding them onto career or college. Like any business, we need goals and a plan to achieve them. VISION 2020 is the District’s four-year strategic plan and roadmap to success with set priorities, leading to real-time data and measurable results.


    In continuing this process, the District is bringing together students, staff, families, partners and community members to develop a new, four-year strategic plan.

    This three-month engagement process will help the District create a plan that reflects our goals and vision with clear direction for enhancing student achievement and success through 2024.



    Sumner-Bonney Lake School District ... A Great Place to Learn!

    Excellent Instruction, Every Day, in Every Classroom, for Every Student.

    Core Values:
    Student Learning, Teamwork and Collaboration, Continuous Coaching and Learning, Equity of Opportunity, Viable Options for all Students, Data-driven Decision Making, Service Excellence, Integrity and Trust, Fiscal Responsibility