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    Hiring process for SHS Interim Head Basketball Coach

    In preparation for the upcoming boys basketball season, we’ve posted a position for an SHS Interim Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach. The posting timeline is Sept. 26-30. 

    We’ve created an extensive and inclusive process for this hiring, in which families and students associated with the basketball program are invited to participate. The hiring process is anticipated to take place over three weeks, which culminates in naming the interim coach mid-October.

    The Sumner-Bonney Lake School District recognizes the value of activities and athletics as an integral part of the total school experience for students in offering a comprehensive and challenging educational experience. (Policy 2151)

    The goals of the activities and athletic programs are to teach positive character, life skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for fellow competitors, officials, opposing team members, and opposing team fans.  

    The District will provide opportunities for all students and not exclude any person from participation in the interscholastic program, deny any person the benefits of such a program or otherwise discriminate against any person in any interscholastic program on the basis of the categories identified in the district’s Nondiscrimination Policy (Policy 3210).

High School Athletic Programs

  • High school athletic programs for each season are as follows:


    Football, Boys and Girls Golf (Bonney Lake), Girls Golf (Sumner), Boys Tennis, Cross Country Girls Soccer, Girls Swim & Dive, Girls Volleyball
    *The first practice date for football in 2022 is Wednesday, Aug. 17. The first practice date for all other fall sports in 2022 is Monday, Aug. 22.


    Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Swim & Dive, Wrestling, Girls Gymnastics
    *The first practice date is Monday, November 14th in 2022.


    Baseball, Boys Golf (Sumner High School), Boys Soccer, Track & Field, Girls Fastpitch, Girls Tennis
    *The first practice date in 2022 is Monday, February 27th.
    We also offer activities such as Cheer and Dance Drill. These squads are generally selected in the spring (March-April).

Middle School Athletic Programs

  • Middle School Athletic Programs for each season are as follows:

    Season 1

    Baseball, Fastpitch, Track & Field
    Practice starts early September.

    Season 2

    Wrestling, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer
    Practice starts late October.

    Season 3

    Boys Basketball, Girls Soccer
    Practice starts early January.

    Season 4

    Volleyball, Football, Cross Country
    Practice starts early March.