Health Services

  • The school’s health room staff provides the following health services.
    • Immediate and temporary care of students who may become ill or injured
    • Medication Administration
    • Health Referrals
    • Hearing and Vision
    • Management of Health and Immunization Records
    Contact the School Health Room staff when:
    • You want information about health care services in the community
    • You need assistance obtaining dental or vision care for your child
    • You need assistance obtaining a referral to a health care provider
    • A change occurs in your child’s health or when a medication must be taken at school
    • A communicable disease/concern occurs
    • A health problem might be a community health issue
    • Your child’s attendance starts to change
    For further information regarding medications, health screenings, immunizations, and illness please refer to the school district’s calendar and guide.

    If you have any questions please contact the Health Room Staff at your child’s school.

Our Staff

  • Administration Office
  • Bonney Lake Elementary
  • Bonney Lake High School
  • Crestwood Elementary
  • Daffodil Valley Elementary
  • Donald Eismann Elementary
  • Emerald Hills Elementary
  • Lakeridge Middle School
  • Liberty Ridge Elementary
  • Maple Lawn Elementary
  • Mountain View Middle School
  • Sumner High School
  • Sumner Middle School
  • Victor Falls Elementary
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