Clubs and Activities

  • Clubs: Belonging and Fun are two of our Guiding Principles. To help all students find a place to belong and have fun, we are offering the following clubs this year. Students MUST turn in a completed permission form to the club adviser in order to participate. Permission forms can be found in our main office and in our Commons.

2022-23 Clubs and Activities

Lunch Activities!

  • To promote fun and positive social interactions, these are the activities (in addition to outside sports) offered during lunch once students have finished eating:

    • Monday Celebrations - Positive recognition links are drawn; students can earn prizes for positive behavior.
    • Trivia Tuesday - Students compete in fun and educational trivia questions.
    • Wordle Wednesday - Table groups work as a team to solve the Wordles presented.
    • Thoughtful Thursday - Students relax to calm music and show appreciation to each other with compliments and acts of kindness.
    • Free-Forum Friday - Students can request their favorite and appropriate music.