Academic Assistance

  • Assessment/Homework Center

    We offer an Assessment/Homework Center where students can come to make up/retake class assessments and work on homework.  It is located in room 456 and runs from 2:30-4:00pm Tuesday and Thursday every week.  

    Library Resource Center

    The library offers print and 24/7-digital resources and is open daily at posted times on the door. The librarian is here 7:05 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. Students may check out 3 items for 3 weeks at a time and may renew items physically to avoid overdue fines as long as there is no pending hold. Similar to purchasing lunch, a student must know their ID number in order to check out, and if a picture is not available in our system, current photo ID must be presented to verify (students are required to carry their ID/ASB cards daily as a school rule, so those work perfectly). The district fines secondary students 10 cents per day for overdue items after a 10-day grace period. Food and drink must be left at the circulation counter, not consumed in the library or left out on tables or at computers. Students working on research, homework, reading, and other constructive activities are always welcome to visit on their own time before and after school as well as lunch (with a pass from the CIC) or during class (with a pass from the teacher). Students who choose not to abide library & school expectations will be asked to leave. Printing is by permission and never directly from the Internet. Come join our monthly book club!