Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures

  • Victor Fall’s enrollment is bigger than ever. We need your help to keep the school and your children safe. EVERY child’s safety is important to us. It remains our highest priority to ensure that students enter and exit cars in a safe and organized way, so we are asking everyone to correctly follow our pick-up and drop-off procedures. Failure to do so creates chaos, frustration and unsafe conditions. Each family should discuss these loading and walking procedures.

    Students who are picked up regularly (at least once a week) are assigned a “Pick Up Number.” Each family whose child is regularly picked up will receive two car tags which should be identical so that you can put these in two different vehicles.

    Our goal is to be able to dismiss students as quickly as possible, yet ensure every child is safe and with the appropriate adult. Below is a review of the pick-up routine. We will be dismissing all students at 3:10 pm. Every year you will receive a new number/color to ensure student safety.


    1. Parents/guardian post pick up number in your windshield hanging from the rearview mirror so staff can easily identify the vehicle and have students ready. If a grandparent, friend, etc. is going to pick up the student, please give them the pick-up number and write a note for our office staff. Have your child give the note to their teacher in advance and the teacher will share with the office staff. If you do not have the Pick Up number in your windshield you will be directed to park and meet your student in front of the school at the “walk-up” gate.
    2. Parents pull along the curb in front of the fenced area and remain in your vehicle. This allows all cars to move ahead in an orderly and safe manner.
    3. Staff will send children to the first 4 vehicles. Once they load, all cars will move forward so the next 4 cars can move into place for loading.
    4. As cars pull away from the curb, please be sure to watch for other cars moving through the parking lot. Please also be aware of the marked crosswalk directly in front of the main doors into the building.
    If you are going to park and walk up each day to meet your child, you will not need the pick-up number but you will need to know your child’s pick-up number, meet your child in the fenced pick-up area and wait for the adult staff member in charge to release your student.

    ALSO, it is important that parents NEVER attempt to retrieve a child from the bus lines or area. This is a very unsafe situation! If your child has already lined up to get on a bus and you wish to take them with you, you will need to come into the office and we will walkie-talkie to the staff members on bus duty to retrieve your child and bring them to the office to meet you. Thank you for adhering to the expectation that only students and staff should be in the bus loading area.

    We appreciate your help in keeping our parking lot and pick up area safe!