Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures

  • When entering the Crestwood campus, you have two options to follow once you get to the parking lot entrance :
    1. You may turn right to go to the drop off/pick up area station.
    2. You may turn left to go park. There are 3 rows designated for parking and we have asked staff not to park there. If you park, we ask that you continue to use the main entrance and crosswalk to come into the building.


    Proceed in a line to the student drop off area which we call the “Drop Off Zone”. There are staff members there to assist students getting out of cars safely.

    Students walk to their classrooms and use their outside doors. If students eat breakfast in the morning, they may enter the gym doors.

    After dropping off your child, EXIT by turning left through an “Exit Only” row of our parking lot.


    Proceed in line to the student pick up area which we call the “Pick Up Zone”. Students who are regularly picked up and those students who have a note for special pick up situations will be waiting there. Students will be lined up according to grade. If families have more than one student in more than one grade level, the older student(s) will stand with the youngest student in the family. There are staff members there to assist students getting into cars safely.

    Our goal is to quickly and efficiently get students loaded into their vehicles. Families will receive a bright colored placard with their students’ names on it to display in the vehicle window (placards can be obtained from the office)
    When a staff member sees the placard and identifies the vehicle and adult, students will be instructed to go and stand at one of four “stations” designated by a solid color flag. Please be assured that staff will be vigilant in dismissing students to the appropriate adult.

    In most cases, when a car comes to the front of the line, we are able to find and place the student in the car quickly. If a car comes to the front of the line and a student is not there, we may ask you to park in the first few parking spots by the pickup area while we locate your child.

    If you have chosen to park and walk up to get your child, please be aware that you will need to come into the building, wait in the front entry until the bell rings for dismissal, and then proceed to the library where a staff member will release your student to you.

    ALSO, it is important that parents NEVER attempt to retrieve a child from the bus line/area. This is a very unsafe situation! If your child has already lined up to get on a bus and you wish to take them with you, you will need to come into the office and we will walkie-talkie to the staff members on bus duty to retrieve your child.