Join our great team of bus drivers!

  • We're looking for dedicated drivers to be a part of our dynamic team, helping ensure the safety and success of students!

    • Training provided
    • Flexible hours and shifts
    • Benefits eligible: Full medical, dental and vision coverage

    To view more about the bus driver position and benefits, view the job posting here.

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    See what our bus drivers say about the job:

    "It's an important job because we're driving the families in our District's most precious cargo."

    -Becky, bus driver for 10 years

    "One of the perks is having all of the school holidays off... We get the spring breaks, the winter breaks, and of course we get two full months during the summer off."

    - Jeff, bus driver for 2 years

    "It's definitely a team effort here and that's what I really love about the job. If you're looking for something like that, I'd highly suggest being a bus driver."

    -Bob, bus driver for about 5 months

    "I like that every day is different. It keeps things fresh and interesting and on your toes. Probably most of all, it's the students too. The little kids are so silly and so funny, and just kind of help me remember what it's like to be a kid."

    -Amelia, bus driver for 3 years