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Specially Designed Instruction (SDI)

Specially designed instruction (SDI) is a set of organized and planned instructional activities which adapt, as appropriate, the content, methodology, or delivery of instruction to address the unique needs that result from a student’s disability. The purpose of SDI is to help the student master their IEP goals/objectives.

Related Services

Some children with disabilities need related services to help them meet the goals in their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Related services means transportation and any other developmental, corrective, or other supportive services that are educationally necessary for the child to benefit from special education.

Related services may include:

  • speech-language pathology services,
  • audiology services,
  • interpreting services,
  • physical and occupational therapy,
  • early identification and assessment of disabilities in students,
  • orientation and mobility services,
  • behavioral services,
  • school health services and school nurse services.