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Child Find for School Age Children

Students and staff playing card game

Child Find applies to all children who might need services—through age 21 or until high-school graduation. For a child ages 3-21, an evaluation determines whether a disability is significantly impacting access to school and whether specially designed instruction is necessary for the student to access learning at school.

Family caregivers, teachers, or anyone else can refer a child for an educational evaluation if there is reason to suspect that a disability is impacting that child’s ability to learn. The local school district provides a comprehensive evaluation, free to the family, if there is a known or suspected disability and reason to believe that appropriate early learning or school success requires intervention.

If at any time you believe your child may need special education, you should contact someone at your child’s school and/or the SBLSD Special Services office at 253-891-6037 to request that your child be evaluated for special education.