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Title III Services for Native American Students

What is Title III? 

The services provided under Title III aim to offer free, additional, and professional language and literacy support to assist Native students in achieving academic success, preparing them for future endeavors in higher education and employment. This program emphasizes honoring and acknowledging the indigenous culture of the students. It provides a platform where students can learn about their history, culture, and be part of shaping their future, while receiving research-based culturally integrated instruction. Additionally, it facilitates access to academic and non-academic resources and fosters connections with Native Educators who serve as role models.

Do you want your student to participate in our district’s program for Native students? 

The Sumner-Bonney Lake School District has 200 students with Native American heritage who take part in the district’s Native American Education Program in their school, represented by more than 75 tribes. They meet monthly to learn about Native culture, meet other students who have Native heritage, go on field trips, and have family dinner. 

The program is a partnership between SBLSD and the Puget Sound Educational Service District and works directly with Native students in all of our schools, supporting them with any cultural educational support they may need. If you have Native American heritage and would like to take part in the Native American Cultural program, contact your school about the SBLSD Native American Education Program. For more information, visit this link

Do you want your student to be administered the literacy screener?

Any native student may participate in the Native American program. If you feel that your student struggles in language and literacy and would like your student to participate in a literacy and language screening assessment, please fill out this form no later than December 22nd, 2023.  Students who sign up will be screened using the WIDA Screener, which is used to help teachers identify the necessary supports for students. These assessments can also serve as a guide for caregivers, highlighting skills that can be practiced at home to enhance a student's language and literacy abilities. While participation in the WIDA testing is valuable, it's important to note that regardless of scores on the assessment, any student can engage in the Native American program. The WIDA assessments are not used as graduation requirements, for grade-to-grade promotion decisions, or as the sole determinant for Special Education services.