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STEM Education in the SBLSD

Our strategic plan supports rigorous instruction that engages students in critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, and collaboration.  By connecting STEM concepts to core curriculum, students gain a deep understanding and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). We also work hard to make sure that students make connections to STEM careers so they can be career and college ready. Below are some activities that expose students to STEM learning in the Sumner School District. 

At the ELEMENTARY level students …

  • Use technology to program interactive math tutorials for their peers
  • Create paper circuits using copper tape, LED lights, and batteries
  • Learn the technical vocabulary to explain the scientific process
  • Solve mathematical problems through robotics by building, coding, and troubleshooting 

At the MIDDLE SCHOOL level students …

  • Create video games from the ground up including sprite design, coding, and game-play
  • Learn to 3D model structures to create 3D printed solutions
  • Participate in activities using electrophoresis that analysis and compare DNA

 At the HIGH SCHOOL level students …

  • Use science kits to test for genetic disorders that cause brain damage
  • Design 3D printed devices for passive sound amplification
  • Create fully functional air cannons with lighting and mobility 

  STEM Vision: Students develop the habits of mind and academic tools needed to work independently and collaboratively to design, explore, and build innovative solutions to global problems. Students apply skills across disciplines and view failure as a learning opportunity.

District STEM Fair