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Pierce County Skills Center

The Pierce County Skills Center offers career options for students, leading to real jobs that mesh with workplace demands. The center serves juniors and seniors from 10 school districts: Bethel, Eatonville, Fife, Franklin Pierce, Orting, Steilacoom, Sumner, Tacoma, University Place and White River.

Valuable Skills & Experience

The Pierce County Skills Center (PCSC) focuses on hands-on learning combined with academic curriculum taught by industry professionals. Each course is tailored to give students the necessary leadership and employability skills to continue their education, enter an apprenticeship program or go directly into the workforce.

High School Credit

All PCSC programs count toward high school graduation requirements and satisfy a Career & Technical Education/elective credit. Each program offers up to 1.5 high school credits per trimester.  

Earn College Credit

PCSC students can jump-start their post-high school plans by earning college credit in most of our programs. College credits are earned through agreements between PCSC and local community and technical colleges. Students who earn a grade of C or better, and who meet articulation standards for each agreement, are eligible for dual credit. For more information regarding each program’s credit opportunities, please visit our website.

Licenses and Certifications

PCSC students can earn a variety of industry certifications or licenses. These certifications represent valuable employment skills that meet industry standards and increase earning potential. Specific certifications are listed under each program.


The Pierce County Skills Center is committed to providing rigorous technical and professional experiences that prepare students for high-demand, high-wage jobs and post-secondary education.


Phone: (253) 800-4800