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Multilingual Learners


The Sumner-Bonney Lake School District is committed to ensuring an equal educational opportunity for every student. While English is the basic language of instruction in our schools, the district will provide an English Language Development Program for students whose primary language is not English. This program helps to address the unique needs of eligible students, who come from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, with the goal of enabling meaningful access to grade level content.

For more information, contact your child’s school or the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District Office at 253-891-6094.

Understanding the WIDA

Beginning in August 2021, multilingual learners in Washington state will be screened and tested annually using WIDA assessments. The following links provide more information on screening and testing in Washington state:

WIDA Access for ML: Understanding Your Child’s Scores

The WIDA Access is given to students who have previously been identified as multilingual learners to measure their progress towards proficiency in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in English.

Below are guides to help parents understand the scores that will be sent at the end of June.

Chinese | English | FrenchKoreanRussianSpanishTagalogUkrainian | Vietnamese | Dari (Farsi)

WIDA Screener: Parent Information

The WIDA Screener is given to students who are new to Washington Schools whose first language or primary language is a language other than English.

Below is information about the WIDA screener, how the scores are used, and information for parents.

Kindergarten: English | Spanish

Grades 1-2: English | Spanish

Grades 3-5: English | Spanish

Grades 6-8: English | Spanish

Grades 9-12: English | Spanish

All grades: Russian | Chinese | Korean | Tagalog | Vietnamese | Dari (Farsi) | Ukrainian