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Video Intercom Systems

New voice, video intercom systems add extra security


4/13/23 | We’re thrilled to announce the completion of a greatly-enhanced safety and security measure at our buildings’ front entrances — a voice and video intercom system.

Most buildings districtwide* are now operating the new system, which features a remote door release function. As these intercoms bring about an extra layer of security, so are there extra steps you may have to take before entering the building. After pressing the intercom button, please be prepared to:

  • Give your name
  • State your purpose for visit
  • Show your photo ID

We thank all visitors for being a partner in helping ensure a safe teaching and learning environment for all. This intercom project was made possible through the voter-approved 2018 Technology Levy.

*Lakeridge and Sumner middle schools are working out some minor bugs, but should be online and working next week. Installation at Mountain View Middle School will take place this summer during repairs to their front entrance.




Watch: How to use our voice-video intercom system