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Safety Procedures

Each school has a plan with specified roles and responsibilities for handling various types of emergencies. The SBLSD Emergency Quick Reference Guide is posted in all classrooms and meeting rooms throughout the district. 

Specific safety procedures will be followed, depending on the type of emergency. Following is information about what procedures we use in each type of emergency. Every situation is unique, so school staff may adjust their response to address student safety first. 

Here is what it means when a school implements one of the following procedures in response to a safety issue or emergency:


FULL lockdown: an emergency procedure that keeps students in classrooms with doors locked and prevents people from leaving or entering a building.

  • All exterior AND interior doors locked
  • Turn off all lights
  • Restrict viewing into the room by pulling shades and/or covering windows
  • Maintain silence as much as possible
  • Maintain lockdown status until the “all clear” is announced

MODIFIED lockdown: takes similar precautions, but allows movement within the building.

  • All exterior doors locked
  • Classroom and inside school activities may continue as normal


Used to get students and staff out of the building by a predetermined route and assembled in a predetermined area.

  • Leave the building immediately in a calm, orderly manner
  • Go to the designated area
  • Stay with students, keeping them together
  • Account for students and assist persons with special needs
  • Follow all instructions given by emergency personnel


If a hazardous material is released in your area, authorities may request the school to “shelter-in-place.”

  • Stay indoors or move inside immediately
  • Close and lock windows and doors
  • Move to your designated shelter area
  • Seal off the room from outside air
  • Stay calm and quiet
  • Wait for the “all-clear” from authorities


In the rare instance that students are transported to an off-site location due to an emergency, families will be notified of where and when to pick up your child. We will notify you using our emergency communication systems and the contact information you have previously provided to the school.

Each valley school is assigned to a hilltop school for sheltering and managing student-parent relocation. Families should report as soon as practicable to the student-parent reunion center located in the gymnasium of their assigned schools. It is important that families make plans to reunite with their children at the relocation schools, not at their attendance school, so that the schools can evacuate quickly and safely.

Here's a list of "sister schools":

  • Daffodil Valley Elementary - Crestwood Elementary 
  • Maple Lawn Elementary - Emerald Hills Elementary
  • Sumner Middle - Mountain View Middle
  • Sumner High - Lakeridge Middle

Here is information about what to expect when picking up your student at a reunification site:

  • You will be asked to show photo ID
  • Have patience and follow all directions by school staff
  • If you are unable to retrieve your child, the school can only release your student to someone who is on the emergency contact list you submitted to the school

Inclement Weather

Lahar Response