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SHS Core Plus students use career-ready skills to design, construct cookie cooling rack for Spart Mart

SHS Core Plus students use career-ready skills to design, construct cookie cooling rack for Spart Mart

Sumner High School’s student store, the Spart Mart, is now the proud owner of a new cookie cooling rack – and it was built entirely by students. 

Four SHS students – Kohl Williams, Audrey Bartle, Jason Cupps and Aurora Gregorich – took on the challenge to create the cooling rack using skills developed in Core Plus Aerospace II. In this class, students build their competency in precision measurement, fastening, drilling, riveting and more. These skills are the building blocks for skilled trades and manufacturing jobs. 

“The cookie rack project as a whole had a great deal of relevance to becoming career-ready in the workforce,” said Kohl, a senior. “This project introduced all of us to all the hills and valleys of teamwork and the dynamics of that.”

The team used software and tools to design the cooling rack, measure and cut the pieces to size, and then drilled and fastened them all together. There were many challenges along the way – the original design looked a lot different than the final, Kohl said. Additional supports were added between rows to make the rack more robust for holding up the many cookies to be made and sold at the Spart Mart.

Student with drill in front of new cooling rack

“In addition to working together to create a quality product, the real feeling of having to satisfy a customer and acknowledging that the product is going to be put through stress and in use by another person had a real effect on how important it was to build a product of quality,” said Kohl.

And a product of quality, it is! Just ask CTE Business & Marketing Teacher Nicole Larson, who helps run the store with her students.

“The new cookie cooling rack is a great asset to our student store,” she said. “This new cooling rack maximizes the space we have in our cookie prep area, allowing our team to cool more cookie sheets at one time. The cooling rack not only aids in functionality but also is visually appealing. Thank you to the Core Plus team, who built our cooling rack – The Spart Mart Team appreciates you!” 

Next time you stop by the Spart Mart, take a look at the cookie cooling rack – you’ll notice four names engraved on a plaque above it, commemorating the hard work by students.

“Overall, this seemingly light-hearted, relaxed, easy project to make a cookie rack had a plethora of impact on each member's growth and experience in collaborating with another program in the Spart Mart to create once again another awesome result from this amazing space,” said Kohl. 

Student names engraved on plaque for cooling rack
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