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The Sumner-Bonney Lake School District Communications & Community Relations Office is committed to encouraging and enhancing open, honest, respectful and ongoing communication with all stakeholders. 

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Communications Director
Elle Warmuth, APR

Phone Number
(253) 891-6083  

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We understand that maintaining a two-way conversation with stakeholders is essential for building relationships. These relationships are the foundation for a strong school district. We strive to provide accurate, relevant and timely information through a variety of channels to build trust, strengthen relationships and positively impact student achievement. 

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Guiding Principles 

The Communications & Community Relations Office strives to create and support engaged and trusted relationships with our stakeholder groups in an effort to provide an educational system that responds to students, staff, family and community needs. In this effort, we strive to operate by the following principles:

  • Collaborative: Ensure that stakeholder groups are involved in the planning and implementation of issues, activities and programs affecting them.
  • Visible and accessible: Enhance and increase the quantity and quality of contact made with stakeholders, including those who speak a language other than English.
  • Trustworthy: Focus on providing accurate information about issues, programs and successes.
  • Consistent: Strategic, proactive communication delivered consistently and regularly to stakeholders.
  • Responsive: Timely responses to inquiries and a genuine effort to use all input, interactions, and activities to improve communication efforts going forward.
  • Supportive: Customer-service oriented to all stakeholders, proving communications training and counsel to all schools and departments.


 The Communications and Community Relations Office envisions:

  • Productive partnerships through collaboration
  • Developing trust and strong relationships
  • Consistently creating clear, confident, and effective messaging 

Communications and Community Relations Office Staff 

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