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Business Services

The Business Office is committed to promoting and facilitating accurate and reliable fiscal management, reporting and support to internal and external stakeholders in order to direct all available resources to our students.

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Chief Finance and District Operations Officer
Bang Parkinson  

Phone Number
(253) 891-6000  

Email Contacts:
Income Verification

The Business Office consists of Budget, Accounting, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Enrollment, Payroll and Benefits.

Our primary focus is to ensure

  • Fiscal Responsibility and accountability
  • Programs that provide options and meet the needs of all students
  • A focus on future challenges
  • Effective and open communication
  • Meaningful financial information and transparency
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Compliance with laws, regulations, contracts and agreements


Bang Parkinson

Chief Financial and Operations Officer

(253) 891-6008

Cheryl Collins

Risk Manager/Purchasing

(253) 891-6015

Sherrie Wilcox

Payroll/Benefits Manager

(253) 891-6016

Emily Thompson


(253) 891-6022

Merridith Stevens

Director of Finance

(253) 891-6012

Cathy McMinn

Asset/Grant/Accounting Manager

(253) 891-6000

Derek Keith

Budget and Contracts Manager

(253) 891-6074

Linda Kolano

Payroll Technician

(253) 891-6019

Tammy Whitehouse

Payroll Officer

(253) 891-6017

Jennifer Aldrich

Finance Specialist/Benefits Coordinator

(253) 891-6014

Amanda Brannon

Payroll Technician

(253) 891-6009

Janet Sloss

District Receptionist

(253) 891-6004

Melissa Kriesel

Accounting Technician

(253) 891-6013

Amanda Nelson

Executive Assistant to Business Services


Office Fax

(253) 891-6098