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Responsible Community Contributor


“I am responsible and accountable for my actions, and I strive to be a positive influence and a servant-leader in my community.”

  • Makes responsible decisions, takes ownership, and understands the impact of choices.
  • Demonstrates compassion, empathy, and respect by seeking to understand multiple viewpoints.
  • Cares for and serves others.

21st Century Collaborator

“I am prepared to communicate responsibly and collaborate effectively with a diverse set of people and perspectives.”

  • Uses digital tools responsibly and effectively.
  • Expresses understanding clearly and adapts communication for purpose, audience, and setting.
  • Works to achieve common goals and seeks out and values strengths and diverse contributions of others.

Innovative Critical Thinker

“I can persist in the face of challenges, imagine innovative solutions, and adapt as needed in order to solve problems.”

  • Thinks creatively, flexibly, and designs various ideas and solutions to solve complex problems.
  • Approaches challenges from multiple perspectives with an open mind.
  • Overcomes obstacles and adapts to new situations and environments with resilience.

Globally-Conscious Member of Society

"I am equipped to play a role in the larger world, and I embrace the diversity that is there."

  • Views themselves as part of a larger interdependent and connected world in which they have responsibilities as productive members of society.
  • Acknowledges, understands, embraces, and participates in open dialogue regarding diverse and interrelated issues that impact their community and the world.
  • Is curious, open to, appreciates and values diversity in others including attributes related to culture, race/ethnicity, gender, linguistic backgrounds and abilities.

Self-Empowered Learner

“I know myself, I know where I am headed, I am ready, and I am known by a caring adult who is invested in my success.”

  • Possesses a foundation of knowledge and skills aligned to post-secondary plans.
  • Takes ownership of learning, reflects on and grows from experiences, and demonstrates adaptability.
  • Attends to social-emotional, physical and mental well-being of self and others