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Future Ready

The District’s new strategic plan, called Future Ready, is a roadmap to successfully fulfill our promise to know, value and support every student, helping them graduate ready to pursue a promising future.

The SBLSD promise also comes with a commitment to promote a culture of fair and inclusive practices, where each student receives equitable access to the opportunities, resources and supports to succeed and thrive.

For a detailed look at our strategic plan, click the drop down links below, or view the plan documents: Full 32-page version (Spanish), Condensed 8-page version (Spanish), and the two-page version (Spanish). 

Strategic Plan High-Level Summary

Future Ready comprises three components: 

1. Student Learning 2. Instructional Effectiveness 3. Operational Infrastructure
  • Our Promise
  • Goals and Measure of Student Success
  • Portrait of a Graduate
  • Building Blocks for Action
  • Professional Practices
  • Educational Strategies
  • Responsive and Efficient Supports
  • Disciplined Implementation


The strategic plan’s core component is Student Learning with five measurable goals – and equity in mind – that span preschool to high school:

  1. Success in the Early Years
  2. Nurtured, Engaged and Empowered Students
  3. Academically-Prepared Critical Thinkers
  4. Elimination of Disparities in Student Access and Success
  5. Readiness for College, Career and Life
BLHS graduation

Portrait of a Graduate

As the plan’s name suggests, we’ve incorporated a focus on readiness for the future with a Portrait of a Sumner-Bonney Lake Graduate, which features these five areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes:

  1. Responsible Community Contributor
  2. 21st Century Collaborator
  3. Innovative Critical Thinker
  4. Globally-Conscious Member of Society
  5. Self-Empowered Learner

Diverse Voices, Unified Direction



The five-year strategic plan was developed over several months in collaboration with 200 diverse voices involving staff, students, families and community members.