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Commitment to Equity


The SBLSD promise comes with a commitment to promote a district culture of fair and inclusive practices, where each student receives equitable access to the opportunities, resources and supports to succeed and thrive.  Achieving this commitment honors our deeply held belief that equity is achieved when each student receives what they need to graduate prepared for success after high school.

Each goal in our Future Ready strategic plan describes what equity looks like which, when addressed, would ensure positive experiences and equal outcomes for every student, regardless of their starting point, background, or circumstance:

Goal 1: Every student, regardless of background or experiences, can access opportunities and experience success in acquiring the academic and social-emotional skills for a successful transition out of Grade 3.

Goal 2: Every student receives fair treatment, and personalized support essential for their social-emotional growth and cognitive development.

Goal 3: Every student receives access to rigorous curriculum and high-quality, culturally responsive teaching to meet the academic standards.

Goal 4: Every student, regardless of background or circumstance, is assured of non-prejudicial treatment and needs-based resources to meet cognitive and behavioral expectations.

Goal 5: Every student receives equitable access to experiences crucial for success in college and beyond, and meets or exceeds Washington state’s college & career readiness graduation requirements.

We asked Josh Agpalza, director of equity for SBLSD, what equity looks like to him. Hear his answer below: