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Senior Exemptions

The Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Property Tax Exemption Program offered by the Pierce County Treasurer-Assessors Office freezes the value of your residence, exempts you from paying excess levies and may exempt you from a portion of regular levies. The result is a reduction in your property taxes. The Assessor-Treasurer will continue to annually determine the market value of your property. However, you will only be billed for taxes on the frozen value.

How do you qualify?

The Senior Citizens Exemption requires that you be at least 61 years old by December 31 in the year prior to application.

What property qualifies?

This exemption is available for your primary residence and up to one acre of land on which the home is located. If zoning and land use regulations require more than one acre of land per residence, you may be eligible for an exemption on up to five acres of land. A mobile home may also qualify as your residence, even if you do not own the land on which the mobile home is located.

When and how do you apply?

You may apply for the exemption program during the year your taxes are due.

For more information, call the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer's office at (253) 798-2169.

Application: Property Tax Exemptions for Seniors and Disabled Persons