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Proposed Bond 2024 with photo of two graduates

Expanded Student Capacity, School Improvements & Safety Upgrades | 2024 Bond

After a year of research and study, a community advisory committee proposed recommendations to the school board for a November 2024 bond. Student population has increased 15-20%* since 2014 across Sumner-Bonney Lake schools and buildings need improvements to maintain quality learning environments for students, extend the life of buildings, and save money in the long run.

The 31-member Capital Facility Advisory Committee, with expertise in student learning, finance, building design – including principals, teachers, and parents – has proposed key projects.

This page will be updated with additional information. 

Students hold class in the hallway at BLHS

Class is held in the hallway at Bonney Lake High School due to overcapacity.

Bond 2024 Projects

The community-wide community advisory committee spent a year developing a recommendation that the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District run a bond measure to address building and infrastructure needs.

The below map represents projects to expand, build, and improve our schools to address the increased student population and remain future-ready for all students in the decade ahead. The expanded, new, and improved schools would reduce student overcrowding at all schools across the district and make cost-saving energy efficiency improvements.

First page of the PDF file: 2024BondMapProposed

High Schools

Middle Schools

Elementary Schools

By the Numbers

Student Over Crowding

SBLSD has experienced dramatic increases in student enrollment over the last decade and it is projected to continue increasing at the same rate. Nine of fourteen schools are currently at 100% capacity, with the remaining schools at 88-97% capacity.

+20 %
Elementary school student enrollment increase since 2014

+15 %
Middle school student enrollment increase since 2014

+15 %
High school student enrollment increase since 2014

+20 %
Sumner-Bonney Lake population increase over the last decade

+32 %
Projected increase in enrollment over next decade (since 2014)

+56 %
Buildings over capacity (others are at over 90% capacity)

+48 %
Currently, 231 students over capacity

+18 %
Currently, 116 students over capacity

+29 %
Currently, 368 students over capacity
(Bonney Lake HS)

Aged & Deteriorating Buildings

The main building at SHS dates back to 1954 and the pool was built in 1970.

Average age of SBLSD school buildings

Age of oldest mechanical system in SBLSD building (Sumner HS)

Average field rentals per year (Increase by 57% with 2024 bond)

Tax Rate Remain Flat - Cost-savings

School improvements extend the life of our buildings and save local taxpayers from more expensive improvements in the future due to inflation and rising prices.

School property tax rate (per $1,000 assessed value $732M bond)

Eligible state matching funds, saving local taxpayers future costs

The bond measure that failed in 2020 would cost $433 million today

Students in class in the library

Class is held in the library at Tehaleh Heights Elementary due to overcapacity.